EV Box elvi-chargers

EV Box Elvi

The highly innovative Elvi is a high performance, low maintenance charge point which is totally future proof and will evolve to support any electric vehicle. The modular build, and ‘click on’ technology means that, even if you change your car in the future you will not need to change your charge point.

Elvi utilises smart technology which ensures that it charges using the lowest cost tariffs, automatically charging at the most cost effective hours using off-peak electricity. This technology can save you up to £234 per year in electricity costs.

  • Can be controlled remotely using the ‘Hey EVBox’ app
  • The charge point is highly secure with charging only starting when you touch your keyfob or charging card.
  • The charge point can receive software updates, diagnostics and even technical fixes remotely by the EVBox team
  • Elvi is compatible with all electric vehicles