Zappi Charge Point

Zappi Smart Charge Point

The highly innovative Zappi charge point is the first in the UK which allows you to charge your vehicle either from the mains or using solar panels on your home, offering, for the first time, truly cost free motoring.

It has a programmable timer to allow for off-peak charging, saving costs when using mains supply. In addition it  provides load balancing technology. Previously if you could run the risk of blowing your home’s main fuse when charging your vehicle restricting you to slow charging only. The Zappi can measure the available load and will instantly reduce power if there is a risk of reaching your fuse capacity, allowing fast charging with no risk.

  • Full control and monitoring through the MyEnergi app
  • PIN lock option available for added security
  • Built in RCD protection for peace of mind.
  • Built in display to allow you to easily see the status of the charge point
  • Comes with three charging modes
    • Eco
    • Eco+
    • Fast Charge
    • The Eco and Eco+ modes seek to utilize excess solar generation over mains electricity. Eco mode will charge your vehicle minimum power until it detects excess solar generation. The Eco+ mode will not charge until it detects that there is excess solar capacity.
  • Available in 7kW or 22kW (suitable for 3-phase installations)
  • 3 year warranty